Lauren Dawes

Lauren has been working in mobiles for development since 2008 when she joined the GSMA Development Fund. Previously working on the Green Power for Mobile programme (GPM) and managing the GPM working group since its launch in September 2008, Lauren is now Head of the GSMA mLearning Programme, leveraging more than 10 years of Programme and Business Management experience to oversee the research and development of this new area.

In December 2010, Lauren authored the report, mLearning: A Platform for Educational Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid, an overview on the current landscape of mobile learning in the developing world. In 2011, she spent several months on the ground researching the underserved youth market in respect to the potential for mLearning. Lauren also sits as a Steering Committee Member for the Mobiles for Education Alliance. She is passionate about the world of mobile and excited by the power and impact it has on shaping the future of education and its ability to bring inclusive learning to all.